autor: Alberto Battistelli, Dario Severino, Oto La Manna 


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  • 314 stron
  • 865 zdjęć
  • satynowany papier, zdjęcia lakierowane
  • twarda, błyszcząca oprawa


  • 314 pages
  • 865 images
  • hardcover
  • Excellent silk screen printing quality

This text, though written as an operational handbook for people just starting out or for those who want to begin again, without the typical shape of “scientific” books, has sunk its roots into the hard sciences (mathematics and geometry) and into the most ancient of artistic techniques, entrusting a system of innovative images not just with the technique but also the magic and excitement of expressiveness. It all began in 1991 when I decided to jot down my thoughts in a diary. I was not satisfied with my shapes and I could not find the codified methods that led to the natural functional shape. A natural smile has to have hidden rules that can be repeated in a reconstructed one. In 1998, I held the first AFG conference in Rome. In 2001 I began to work with Drs. Dario Severino and Oto LaManna, who brought with them enthusiasm, serenity and energy in the research and in the daily work on the AFG. In 2001 I published the first article on the subject, fruit of the mathematical, statistical and geometrical analysis on some 200 mouths and 3000 natural teeth. The research then continued into the cases seen everyday for nearly nineteen years looking for repetitive reference points. This book does not pretend to be exhaustive on the matter subject of the shape, IT IS JUST A SMALL CONTRIBUTION TO THE HISTORY OF DENTAL MODELLING, starting from its simplest basis; it does not wipe out the things of the past which gain value even though they are no longer used. The AFG supplements all the gnathological techniques that are known.

This book is fundamental for professions belonging to dentistry, dental surgery and odontology. The rules of geometric proportion for both anterior and posterior teeth are presented for practical use in everyday applications.

Simple yet scientifically rigorous, it details an innovative theory for dental reconstruction by means of both ceramic and composite materials. The book’s advanced exploration of the study of dental anatomic design makes it an essential resource for dental surgeons, dental technicians and apprentices/students of dentistry.

The authors expertly examine current geometric theories for successful integration with new digital apparatus.


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